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What happens when the worst private eye in the world and the best detective inspector at the SFPD team up?  

Everything going wrong.  In a good way.  


But hey, it's the 1940's so grab a sarsaparilla, kick back,  and enjoy!   



Detectives for Hire is an upbeat dramedy podcast that follows the adventures of Dalton,

an angry feral fox who runs on soda and spite and Gino Rosetti, God's Italian gift to women and crime fighting.


Together, they team up and go on the best misadventures while becoming friends along the way.  


If you're a fan of Sherlock Holmes and character driven comedies, this story is for you! 

This is a two season, 12 episode audio drama in production with an ongoing comic adaptation free to read online.


About Me 


Hey-o!  Aha, so you're curious about me?  Well...

* My perfect meal is a burger + fries + strawberry malt!

* Proud owner of two dogs who don't understand boundaries. 

* The Little Prince and Ecclesiastes are my favorite books.

*Butterflies freak me out but moths are okay.


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