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A Czech Hitman. 


Lethargic, self indulgent, and full of the wide-eyed innocence and cruelty of a child.  


He likes having fun and toying with others.

A bit of an airhead but he does his best.


His voice is honeyed and smooth.  

20 years old.

He thinks he had a good childhood and no one has the heart to tell him otherwise.

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Emery Himura

The youngest officer at the SFPD.


Sweet, cheerful and wide-eyed.

An eager beaver boy scout in a grown up body.


A Labrador puppy who can knock out guys twice his size. 

Resourceful and level-headed in a crisis.  

Really chatty.  A bit of a fanboy.


Effervescent and impossible to hate. 

The kind you take home to mama.

Must be protected at all costs.


19 years old.  


Old ladies love him.  



A private investigator.


Bold, honest, and full of grit. 

A lovable brat.  


He's really energetic and aggressive but extremely weak and disaster-prone.  

Secretly deeply insecure and full of self loathing.  


Afraid of ending up alone.

Dramatic and hilarious.


Possesses absolutely zero social skills or tact.  


23 years old.  

Irritability is his default setting. 


Vulnerable and starved for affection.

Good at taking abuse.

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Gino Rosetti

A seasoned detective inspector. 


Warm hearted, intelligent, and strong.

The SFPD’s pride and joy. 


He has a subdued melancholy and deep empathy for others.  In his well defined chest beats the heart of a poet. 


A lone introvert in a sea of high-maintenance extroverts.   


Understated and wise, he possesses hidden depths he keeps locked away from others and himself. 


Fears losing control. 


32 years old but handles like 20.


Constantly exuding pheromones.  Can't shut it off. 


The only thing better than his cooking is his thirst for justice.

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Judith Pierce

Detective Inspector at the SFPD.

Ruthless, elegant, and calculating.

36 years old with a glare that could melt the polar ice caps.

Sardonic and unfriendly.


Has a dry sense of humor that often goes unnoticed.


Resourceful and blunt like getting stabbed in the face with an icicle.


Just like a big cat, will only expend the energy necessary to accomplish a task.

Believes in executing perfect justice by any means necessary.


Happily married. 

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Newly licensed taxi driver. 


Open-hearted, whimsical, and joyful.

On the autism spectrum.

25 years old and eternally optimistic.

Gets nervous and flustered easily but has a protective nature.

Unafraid to call out bad behavior if it makes someone uncomfortable.

Clara is still figuring out what she wants out of life and hopes to learn more about people and the world through her job.


Dreamy and a bit of a hopeless romantic.  

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Octavia Rosetti

An intrepid reporter.


Perceptive, playful, and down to earth.

28 years old.  Has lived enough to fill five lifetimes.

She's the kind of gal who's up for any kind of adventure.  


A natural born leader who is much more easygoing than her brother.  

She's the cool girl in school who's got a good heart and wins over enemies with effortless charisma.  

The kind of person you wanna be best friends with.  


Fun and loyal.

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Anna Song

The chief of the SFPD.

Calm, caring, and discerning.


If humans were pearls, it would be she.

Steady and quietly strong like the ocean waves cresting at noonday.

Anna is the kind of leader people would follow into the battlefield without question out of loyalty and love.

33 years old.  Probably has abs.

Totally a big sis type. 


Inspires others to be the best versions of themselves.


She and's complicated. 

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Daisy May

An asthmatic disabled pug.


Loves her daddy Gino.

Loves naps.

Drools frequently.

Constantly surrounded by hunks.

Severely colorblind.

Best girl.


Le French Narrator,

Walter Winterson,

Jerry Orsen


Sylvia Orsen


Nico Nunez, The Waiter,
Old Man Jerry,
Bernard,The Heiress,


Freddie Vasquez


Roscoe, Randy


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